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Residential Lightning Protection

For your home, we offer a complete lightning protection system, and because each home is different, we design the system to best meet your needs, and ultimately, offer the best protection from lightning and power surges.

How it Works

It is important to note that the addition of a lightning protection system will not "attract" lightning, nor will it prevent lightning from striking. Lightning rods provide a means for controlling lightning and to prevent damage to your structure and its contents. The rods, or "air terminals" provide a direct path to ground for the lightning to follow, thereby avoiding destruction, fire and injury or death as the current is directed to follow that path.


After a thorough evaluation of your home, Hamilton Lightning Protection designs your system, laying out the proper number of air terminals (lightning rods) and the conductor (the wire that connects the terminals and is grounded), combined with surge arresting devices. Surge Arrestors protect your home from electrical surges and lightning strikes that may enter you home from electrical lines.

In most cases, an installation can be hidden from view so as not to distract from your home's aesthetic. Only traces of the system would be in view from the front of your dwelling, and every effort is made to blend the system into the architectural features of your home.

The Benefits

With a properly installed lightning protection system from Hamilton Lightning Protection, you can be assured that your home is better prepared to withstand a cloud to ground lightning strike, protecting the structure, your electronic equipment, and most importantly, the people inside.

The cost of most installations are comparable to the deductible on your homeowner's insurance policy, and many times, homeowners receive a discount on their policy by adding a lightning proteciton system.

For more information, or to schedule an inspection, contact Hamilton Lightning Protection today.

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